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What's New?

June 2007 Benford's law activity
January 2007 Random Triangles activity
November 2006 Random Binomials activity
June 2006 Graph Gallery activity launched - first draft. I might re-draft it as a Mission Impossible challenge timed against the clock.
May 2006 Dice world Cup activity re-launched in time for the 2006 football world cup four years on from the first draft. Read about it at the Math Forum.
January 2006 Sicherman Dice activity
November 2005 Improved Dice investigator activity
November 2005 Improved Conditional probability activity
October 2005 Random quadratics activity
July 2005 Planetqhe merchandise opens at
February 2005 New transformer2 activity
February 2005

New Dice Investigator activity

February 2005

New Dividing Dice investigation

February 2005 New beta version with improved navigation
June 2003 New Distributions and Hypotheses section
May 2003 Samuel Pepys and Isaac Newton Problem
April 2003 The Probability Store opens
March 2003 IB mini-projects section
February 2003 Biased coins experiment
January 2003 The Table Problem based on an IB exam question
December 2002

Entered for TeachMath Excellence award

November 2002 An investigation of expectation and variance
November 2002 A Nuclear reactor activity
October 2002 New improved birthdays 1978 activity
October 2002 A dice game based on an IB exam question
October 2002 New Expectations and Distributions section
October 2002 Conditional Probability and independent events activity
August 2002 Bayes Theorem CabriJava applet
August 2002 Tversky, Kahneman and Bar-Hillel's maternity ward problem.
June 2002 Le Choise de Roi activity
June 2002 Simpson's Paradox activity
June 2002 Dice world Cup activity